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Certification and Accounting Services

Financial Statement Certification

We provide a full range of financial statement certification services that enable our clients with relevant financial information to effectively guide executives and other financial statements users in their decision-makings.

We adapt according to the assurance level desired as to the reliability of the presented financial information and according to the needs of the different users.

We offer financial information certification services in the form of various reports that may accompany your financial statements.

Tétreault Sauvé Lauzon offers the following the financial statement certification services:

  • Audit mission
  • Examination mission
  • Compilation engagement

In addition, Tétreault Sauvé Lauzon offers the following complementary services:

  • Tax declarations preparation
  • Consumption tax reports preparation
  • Update of the company’s minute book
Financial Forecasting

We guide managers looking to maximize their success chances by establishing realistic and complete financial forecasts, whether it’s the realization of new projects, the search for funding or the optimal use of operational budgets.

Financial forecasts provide the data needed to study a start-up, a development or a turnaround project. These forecasts are based on realistic or predictable information related to the company’s production operations, human resources, marketing, management and finances. Tétreault Sauvé Lauzon has extensive experience in this field and will be able to properly assist you in the realization of your projects.

Tétreault Sauvé Lauzon offers the following financial forecasts services:

  • Evaluation of the project’s potential and a viability demonstration
  • Inform investors about project data
  • Development of a useful business plan for responsible managers

In addition, Tétreault Sauvé Lauzon offers the following complementary services:

  • Seeking financing from recognized financiers
  • Company transfers
Bookkeeping Services

We offer personalized bookkeeping services for financial information processing, allowing you to free yourself from administrative tasks and better focus on your company’s development.

Our intervention could range from monthly coaching (monthly financial statements preparation) or higher-level assistance with full support for bookkeeping and financial statement preparation.

Depending on your different business needs, our personalized bookkeeping service approach will be based on the following:

  • Your company’s size
  • Possible involvement of members of your business
  • Needs of your financial statements users

In addition, Tétreault Sauvé Lauzon offers the following complementary services:

  • Accounting for transactions
  • Payroll preparation
  • Government reports preparation

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